Dr Fragen in the operating room


  • False Positive

    Just a personal reminder to keep in the memory bank. When running OS X Server and SpamAssassin, if you have spam set up to be quarantined it gets stored in /var/virusmails. A method of viewing and releasing quarantined mail mostly from the command line follows. First, to do anything with the quarantined message you need…

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  • Amavisd settings

    I run my own mail server on OS X Server. For the most part I have my SpamAssassin settings tweaked pretty well. Unfortunately, there is some spam that seems to have malformed or incomplete MIME boundaries and these messages don’t seem to be getting passed off from Amavisd to SpamAssassin. As such, they seem to…

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  • Unforeseen Circumstances

    Due to unforeseen circumstances I accidentally trashed my server installation. Don’t ask me for details but I think I accidentally unloaded all my launch daemons. I figured no big deal just restart the machine and everything’s fine. Not so fine. I restart and my mail server doesn’t seem to be working correctly. Several reinstalls later…

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  • Running SpamAssassin locally

    While I haven’t yet gotten an iPhone I’m making preparations. I realized that I was going to need to do something about email spam so that I could use an email address on my domain with the iPhone. My problem is that since I don’t run my mail server I’ve got no way to pull…

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