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False Positive


Just a personal reminder to keep in the memory bank.
When running OS X Server and SpamAssassin, if you have spam set up to be quarantined it gets stored in /var/virusmails. A method of viewing and releasing quarantined mail mostly from the command line follows.
First, to do anything with the quarantined message you need to know it’s mail-file. That’s usually something like spam-kFLGPbnGHO3a.gz.
Using TextExpander’s snippets and the clipboard I have the following snippets.
To view the quarantined message I copy the quarantined file to /Users/Shared/ and then unzip it, read it into a new mail message to me. If it looks OK then I release it. I delete the file from /Users/Shared/ when I’m done.
To send it myself I have the following snippet. The snippet begins by copying the mail-file to the clipboard. If you don’t have TextExpander just replace all instances of %clipboard with the mail-file.
[code lang=bash]
sudo cp /var/virusmails/%clipboard /Users/Shared/;gunzip /Users/Shared/%clipboard;/usr/bin/mail -s "%clipboard" me@example.com < /Users/Shared/`echo %clipboard | sed 's/.gz//g'`;rm /Users/Shared/`echo %clipboard | sed 's/.gz//g'`
If I want to release the file from quarantine and send it to notjunkmail.
[code lang=bash]
sudo amavisd-release %clipboard ; sudo amavisd-release %clipboard "" notjunkmail
I did have to do a few things to get amavisd-release working. First, it was looking for amavisd.sock in the /var/amavis/home directory and it’s really located in the /var/amavis directory. It was simple to create a new directory and then create a symlink to the amavisd.sock file.
[code lang=bash]
sudo mkdir /var/amavis/home; sudo ln -s /var/amavis/amavisd.sock /var/amavis/home
Now, using only the command line and a mail app, I can check on quarantined email and release it. All this just so I can make sure that I can do this task from an iPhone or iPad. 😉
FWIW, I have amavis-blocked (by Uwe S. Fuerst)
a log file parser for amavisd-new 2.x, written in Perl
set up to send me logs each night at 23:59. That’s where I get the mail-file from.