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  • Printopia


    AirPrint is one of the most welcome additions of late to iOS 4.2. Unfortunately Apple removed the ability to print to shared printers. Fortunately, creative software developers such as Ecamm have created Printopia as a solution for those of us with networked or shared printers.
    The simplicity of this Preference Pane is amazing. It takes less than a minute to setup and use.
    The only problem I found was when installed on my server I had to open port 49195 in my firewall for it to work. Now all is well again. I can’t recommend this $10 piece of software enough.

  • False Positive


    Just a personal reminder to keep in the memory bank.
    When running OS X Server and SpamAssassin, if you have spam set up to be quarantined it gets stored in /var/virusmails. A method of viewing and releasing quarantined mail mostly from the command line follows.
    First, to do anything with the quarantined message you need to know it’s mail-file. That’s usually something like spam-kFLGPbnGHO3a.gz.
    Using TextExpander’s snippets and the clipboard I have the following snippets.
    To view the quarantined message I copy the quarantined file to /Users/Shared/ and then unzip it, read it into a new mail message to me. If it looks OK then I release it. I delete the file from /Users/Shared/ when I’m done.
    To send it myself I have the following snippet. The snippet begins by copying the mail-file to the clipboard. If you don’t have TextExpander just replace all instances of %clipboard with the mail-file.
    [code lang=bash]
    sudo cp /var/virusmails/%clipboard /Users/Shared/;gunzip /Users/Shared/%clipboard;/usr/bin/mail -s "%clipboard" me@example.com < /Users/Shared/`echo %clipboard | sed 's/.gz//g'`;rm /Users/Shared/`echo %clipboard | sed 's/.gz//g'`
    If I want to release the file from quarantine and send it to notjunkmail.
    [code lang=bash]
    sudo amavisd-release %clipboard ; sudo amavisd-release %clipboard "" notjunkmail
    I did have to do a few things to get amavisd-release working. First, it was looking for amavisd.sock in the /var/amavis/home directory and it’s really located in the /var/amavis directory. It was simple to create a new directory and then create a symlink to the amavisd.sock file.
    [code lang=bash]
    sudo mkdir /var/amavis/home; sudo ln -s /var/amavis/amavisd.sock /var/amavis/home
    Now, using only the command line and a mail app, I can check on quarantined email and release it. All this just so I can make sure that I can do this task from an iPhone or iPad. 😉
    FWIW, I have amavis-blocked (by Uwe S. Fuerst)
    a log file parser for amavisd-new 2.x, written in Perl
    set up to send me logs each night at 23:59. That’s where I get the mail-file from.

  • iPad Arrives


    Well, with the Easter weekend over and Apple’s iPad gaining more headlines than anything else, I have to say I want one, but I can wait.
    I actually got to touch one. Someone at the hospital brought it with them.

    • It’s not that heavy.
    • The display is bright and crisp.
    • It’s fast.

    I played a little with the keyboard and I can see with some practice that it’s quite usable.
    I’m more excited to see what’s coming Thursday in the iPhone 4.0 announcement. A unified inbox for the Mail.app and Smart Folders would be great.
    The iPad is certainly a machine designed for consuming data, not necessarily manipulating data. There are several scripts that I’ve written that make my life easier and I don’t see anyway of making them work on an iPad or iPhone. Not that it’s a deal-breaker, it just means I can’t use the iPad for much more than I use my iPhone now. Except it’s really a faster, better reading environment. I’ll probably buy one based upon that alone.
    Time will tell. But I have to say for all those naysayers, wait till you’ve held one!