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AirPrint is one of the most welcome additions of late to iOS 4.2. Unfortunately Apple removed the ability to print to shared printers. Fortunately, creative software developers such as Ecamm have created Printopia as a solution for those of us with networked or shared printers.
The simplicity of this Preference Pane is amazing. It takes less than a minute to setup and use.
The only problem I found was when installed on my server I had to open port 49195 in my firewall for it to work. Now all is well again. I can’t recommend this $10 piece of software enough.


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  1. Andy Avatar

    A quick email to Ecamm support and here’s the answer.

    Great timing. We just recently posted a v1.0.3 update which adds an option to use a fixed port. To do this:

    Run “Check for Updates” in Printopia to download the latest version.

    Open Applications/Utilities/Terminal
    Type “defaults write com.ecamm.printopia FixedNetworkPort 59857
    (Replace 59857 with the desired port, as long as it’s above 1024)

    Open System Preferences -> Printopia
    Turn Printopia Off
    Turn Printopia On again

    Testing now… 🙂