iPad Arrives

Well, with the Easter weekend over and Apple’s iPad gaining more headlines than anything else, I have to say I want one, but I can wait.
I actually got to touch one. Someone at the hospital brought it with them.

  • It’s not that heavy.
  • The display is bright and crisp.
  • It’s fast.

I played a little with the keyboard and I can see with some practice that it’s quite usable.
I’m more excited to see what’s coming Thursday in the iPhone 4.0 announcement. A unified inbox for the Mail.app and Smart Folders would be great.
The iPad is certainly a machine designed for consuming data, not necessarily manipulating data. There are several scripts that I’ve written that make my life easier and I don’t see anyway of making them work on an iPad or iPhone. Not that it’s a deal-breaker, it just means I can’t use the iPad for much more than I use my iPhone now. Except it’s really a faster, better reading environment. I’ll probably buy one based upon that alone.
Time will tell. But I have to say for all those naysayers, wait till you’ve held one!

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  1. Some of these apps are so good that I’ve already bought the iPad versions of some of my iPhone apps. No, I still don’t have an iPad, just looking ahead. 😉

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