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iPad Arrives


Well, with the Easter weekend over and Apple’s iPad gaining more headlines than anything else, I have to say I want one, but I can wait.
I actually got to touch one. Someone at the hospital brought it with them.

  • It’s not that heavy.
  • The display is bright and crisp.
  • It’s fast.

I played a little with the keyboard and I can see with some practice that it’s quite usable.
I’m more excited to see what’s coming Thursday in the iPhone 4.0 announcement. A unified inbox for the Mail.app and Smart Folders would be great.
The iPad is certainly a machine designed for consuming data, not necessarily manipulating data. There are several scripts that I’ve written that make my life easier and I don’t see anyway of making them work on an iPad or iPhone. Not that it’s a deal-breaker, it just means I can’t use the iPad for much more than I use my iPhone now. Except it’s really a faster, better reading environment. I’ll probably buy one based upon that alone.
Time will tell. But I have to say for all those naysayers, wait till you’ve held one!


One response to “iPad Arrives”

  1. Andy Avatar

    Some of these apps are so good that I’ve already bought the iPad versions of some of my iPhone apps. No, I still don’t have an iPad, just looking ahead. 😉