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Tinderbox blogging


Tinderbox is a very cool application. In some ways similar to Radio for content management and weblog creation — but different. Radio has a rich scripting language where almost anything is possible — Tinderbox doesn’t. Radio has a built-in web server and can FTP or upstream you rendered site anywhere — Tinderbox can’t.

Tinderbox is a phenomenal note-taking system that allows for visual organization of notes — Radio doesn’t. Tinderbox can render notes through a set of templates to generate HTML — hey, so does Radio! Tinderbox can be used as a weblogging tool — so can Radio. Tinderbox can be used to generate a static website — so can Radio, but Tinderbox seems to have better control over the “notes” than Radio does over the outlines. What I mean is that opening a Tinderbox file the notes are all present, searchable via agents and seemingly more accessible that the outlines in individual OPML files.

Maybe all of the above are just my misinterpretations. I really like Radio. I’ve been using it since it was Pike. I think I’m going to really like getting to know Tinderbox. What I really want to know is how to get them to work together to utilize the strengths of each application.

Nothing like trial and error. I wish Tinderbox would allow a couple of more notes in the demo, maybe 10 or so. I still bought it. I’m open to any assistance from experienced Tinderbox users, especially those using it with Radio.