Dr Fragen in the operating room

Trying out PowerMail


I’ve been using Entourage for email since it first came out. Before that it was Outlook Express and before that Emailer. I won’t even talk about Eudora v1.3 before that. “;->”
With all of Apple’s new iApps, including iCal, Address Book, etc. many of the extra features that made Entourage a great program are now blurred. PowerMail has incorporated the use of Address Book and built-in spell checking with it’s latest release version 4.1.1. It’s filtering capabilties are very good even though they are not quite as extensive as Entourage’s. The one thing I miss most is the built-in ability to burst a digest. Entourage has it — PowerMail doesn’t. Fortunately in the past I’ve helped to use AppleScript to circumvent that problem. Now I just have to make the old solution’s work with PowerMail. Some did right away, others will take a bit more time.
I haven’t imported all of my mail so I can’t attest to PM’s speed with large databases but so far it seems to work well. If the rest of my trial period goes well they may have a new sale. Did I mention that it’s only $49.