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Update for dataFileCleaner tool


dFC is now to version 0.52. Yes, versioning is quite arbitrary. 🙂
Here are the changes.
* Callback created to handle running through post cleaning script at time of publish.
Don’t ask me why it’s in `user.radio.callbacks.publishItem` and not `user.radio.callbacks.postItem`. It just seems to work there.
* Added logging to tell which post is changed.
* Now dFC fixes post titles too.
This should prevent things like quotes in titles causing inadvertant truncating of the title upon editing.
* Split one of the scripts that gets called hourly into a script that calls the callback to do the work.
This makes it much more versatile. I hope.
If you already have dFC installed you can select `Refresh Code…`. If you don’t already have it, [go get it][1].
**Update:** A newer, yet unreleased update will be forthcoming. Stay tuned.
[1]: http://radio.weblogs.com/0001017/publicTools/