Dr Fragen in the operating room

UserLand down


Unless you’ve been in a large hole somewhere you know that some of UserLand’s servers are down. Notably the server that runs the RCS, Radio’s cloud. What does it mean? Well, for starters none of your posts, including this one, will be upstreamed. I don’t believe that any of the RSS feeds will be there either. Of course, on the plus side you can still blog to your heart’s content and know that your posts are safe and sound on your own computer. Once UserLand’s server problem is corrected all you will have to do is go into the Radio app and go to the Radio > Publish menu and select Publish Entire Site.
Then just sit back and Radio will happily upstream all your files and bring your weblog up to date.
But for Pete’s sake, enough with the harping on what a bad company UserLand is for letting their servers go down. Shit happens, Murphy happens. Worms and viruses happen.
Yes we all could be a bit more diligent in preserving our data and keeping our critical software up to date. But heck, how many software programs that you are running automatically update themselves so you don’t have to look at the company website for updates and fixes and then install them yourself. I know of at least one, Radio UserLand.
For my part I’m going to backup my computer tonight. I know I haven’t done it in way too long.