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Using tabs


A great tip: I use Radio’s News Aggregator and always open links in new windows (or new tabs), so the aggregator page remains visible. Sometimes I forget to Command-click a link, and end up replacing the aggregator page without intending to.
The post I linked to doesn’t describe exactly how to modify Radio’s templates, so here’s one way to do it:

  1. In the www folder, insert as the first line of system/pages/news.txt:

    #meta ""

  2. Then, in #template.txt, add after the tag:

    ^metaTags () ^

That’s all! Now your News Aggregator will always open links in new windows, without you having to remember to click with the middle mouse button or while holding down modifier keys. [Nicholas Riley’s Weblog]
Clean, simple, neat and it won’t be overwritten. I like it.
This worked once but not again. Is it OmniWeb?