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VoodooPad as CMS


When I was looking for a CMS to use for building and maintaining a static, or nearly static, [business site][1]; I looked in many directions.
I played around with [Blosxom][2]. It has some very nice features. Chief among them is that Blosxom uses the computer’s file system architecture as its CMS. Blosxom runs as a Perl script, utilizing Apache and various plug-ins and modules as customizations. If you’re a Perl hacker it’s great. I’m not.
Enter [VoodooPad][vp]. VoodooPad is personal desktop [wiki][]. [Gus Mueller][3] is a very responsive developer who has recently added the ability for a [Web Export][4]. This allows for export using a template-driven system. You have to try it to believe it. It’s awesome.
But I have to say that currently I’m helping with the development of [Squib][], a [Radio UserLand][5] replacement blogging app that’s run on Ruby on Rails and open source to boot.
Just remember, there’s lots of different tools and one, or more, is likely to fit your needs. This post was prompted by a Radio user who doesn’t really use Radio’s blogging capabilities, but uses it’s CMS. Then he renders using the Static Sites tool and FTPs the files himself. I thought VoodooPad would be a better choice.