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VoodooPad Automation


I’ve finally gotten it working. I’ve now got a Ruby script that will parse the `meta.xml` grabbing the category information and move the *web export* produced html file into a folder named for each category. These category folders are created in the `preflight.sh` script.
Additionally, since I use relative paths for my site links, I’ve got a shell script that will traverse all the nested folders converting `./` to `../` in every `*.html` file.
A little magic with the `Info.plist` file in the Web Export plugin and now all I have to do is a simple web export to create a fully structured web export.
Many thanks to [Matt][] and [Gus][] for the help with the scripts. [VoodooPad][vp] is awesome. Just remember to make the scripts executable.
[matt]: http://matt.blogs.it
[gus]: http://gusmueller.com/blog/
[vp]: http://www.flyingmeat.com/voodoopad/