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VoodooPad Blogging


Well, it’s not really [VoodooPad][vp] blogging but it’s pretty close.
With a lot of help from [Gus Mueller][gm], I’ve managed to complete a couple of [Lua][] Script Plugins for VoodooPad Pro. You have to use VoodooPad Pro because of the use of the page meta data. These scripts are designed to be used with the Web Export function.
There are 2 scripts. The result is a concatenated, blog-style homepage and a corresponding Atom feed.
* One creates a blog-style page at `home` for the most recent 15 entries that have been designated to be on this page.
This script also creates an Atom feed of the contents of this new page.
* The other script is used to **mark** the pages that are to be included on this `home` page.
It’s within this script where most of your *personalized* information goes.
Gus is going to put these scripts up on the [wiki][] soon. I’ll put in another post when I get that link. Till then, if you’re interested in them email me.
**Update:** Gus has [the scripts them up on the wiki][1], but there are some formatting issues. Errant HTML tags showing up inside the scripts.
[vp]: http://flyingmeat.com/voodoopad/voodoopadpro.html
[gm]: http://gusmueller.com/blog/
[wiki]: http://flyingmeat.com/fs/flystashweb.cgi/space-353ec59a-c72a-01d9-0eb2-c0cbe4c48523
[lua]: http://www.lua.org/pil/
[1]: http://flyingmeat.com/fs/flystashweb.cgi/2fa9d30e-6e27-01db-01a0-c0cbe4c4ec54