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VoodooPad goodness


Thanks to [Gus Mueller][gm] for loads of help adapting a couple of his [Lua][] scripts to suit my needs.
What we did was to enable the creation of a concatenated blog-style home page from [VoodooPad Pro][vpp]. The script polls the item meta data so VoodooPad Pro is required.
One script marks the page as being part of the home page and the other script creates some post titles, post times and the concatenated content. It also overwrites to the “Index” page so be careful that this is what you want.
Only thing left to do is to limit the concatenation to the most recent `x` posts or anything in the previous `x` days.
[gm]: http://www.gusmueller.com/blog/
[lua]: http://www.lua.org
[vpp]: http://www.flyingmeat.com/voodoopad/voodoopadpro.html