Dr Fragen in the operating room

West Virginia Surgeon's strike


It’s about time that the medical community banded together to show everyone how they are being screwed by the malpractice insurance industry. These guys are paying over $100,000 per year in medical malpractice insurance and it’s a crime. Can anyone out there tell me if there is another industry that requires you pay a fee of over $100,000 just to be able to work?
I have to hand it to these guys. They are actually together enough to pull this off. I don’t think it could happen here. My malpractice is roughly half of what these guys are paying and that’s after it doubled from last year. This is in California where MICRA actually helps to keep the malpractice rates down.
Here’s the behind the scenes info. All the surgeons of this hospital took a 30 day leave of absence. They left one poor soul not of leave of absence to cover the “life threatening” emergencies that might happen to their patients at the hospital. All this is defined by the Medical Staff bylaws of the hospital. If you are taking a leave of absence then someone has to cover for you during the absence. That’s why there is a single surgeon left. He’s covering for everyone.
You have to remember that these guys are still practicing and seeing patients in their offices. They are probably even continuing to operate and outpatient surgery centers. What they are not doing is operating in the hospital or seeing patients in the hospital. Do not confuse their actions with patient abandonment. It is not anywhere close to the same thing.