Dr Fragen in the operating room

What is Radio 9?


We had our first [conference call][1] today. Mostly it was about technical stuff and lots of ideology. Actually the technical stuff was pretty simple, the complicated part was “what do we want for the future of Radio?”
We decided that the first thing to do was bring the Window app up to parity with the Mac version. This will be to a *true* v8.1 with the incorporation of the kernelized `re` verbs. The next thing is to get all the upstreaming fixes and callbacks into `Radio.root`.
Marc discussed a more user-friendly interface for adding *approved* tools.
There was some discussion about where we see Radio in the future. Steve was talking about Radio as a [*digital lifestyle aggregator*][2] kinda like what Marc Canter is talking about. I think that’s OK but I think the market for such an application is much smaller than for a more versatile weblog application.
Anyway, more is surely to come. Let’s keep the dialog rolling.
[1]: http://radiodev.userland.com/2005/05/16#a18
[2]: http://blogs.it/0100198/stories/2004/03/26/digitalLifestyleAggregation.html