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Ambulance Chaser


_Yes Virginia, they really do exist._
So here’s the story. The family of a trauma victim, a motor vehicle collision, is met outside the ICU by a lawyer saying that the particular vehicle in which they were traveling has a defect and he and his firm would be happy to represent them. The family never contacted this lawyer, or any lawyer for that matter. He just showed up out of thin air.
Does it really matter if the driver of the vehicle is intoxicated and the vehicle is traveling at over 100 mph?
Apparently not to this attorney.
> Minh T. Nguyen
> Jeffrey S. PoP & Associates
> Beverly Hills, CA
> minhnguyen@poplawyer.com
By all means, send him and email and let him know what you think if his ethics and behavior.


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  1. Air ambulance doctor Avatar

    I meet a lot of people which are ready to stand up for criminals for money. That’s so terrible. Sure, I will send him a email.