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  • Importing Mail Message Attachments Into Aperture

    So I’ve just gotten my new Unibody MacBook and Aperture. Immediately I find myself wanting for a Quick Look > Add to Aperture just like there is for iPhoto. Unfortunately it’s nowhere to be found. Fortunately Aperture is scriptable. Version 1.0 of SaveAttachments2Aperture is now available. It’s currently very simple with little error checking. It…

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  • Whining

    [Security experts say that Apple isn’t ready for enterprise prime-time.][1] Quit whining. All you seem to care about is that Apple didn’t give you any advance notice. You spent the entire article about it without even addressing the fixes or whether OS X and/or QuickTime, etc. are now more secure. Grow up. Apple doesn’t need…

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  • iCal – Exchange Time Zone Fix – Chapter 2

    It was a few months ago that I originally wrote the first incarnation of the MailExchange2iCal script. Since then I’ve been in contact with a few users trying to make it work for them and I’ve found a number of peculiarities in the types of email invites sent by Exchange/Outlook. The biggest problem was that…

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  • iCal – Exchange Time Zone Fix – Part 2

    I’ve come across a problem with the original MailExchange2iCal-TZ-fix script. It seems if the .ics invite was only listed as an attachment or in base64 encoding then the script would fail. I’ve subsequently revised the script to handle this and to more gracefully ask into which calendar you want the event imported. I’ve also fixed…

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  • Text and Quote Wrapping

    If any of you find yourself using webmail you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you’re at all like me, you like to be able to follow the replies in an email thread. Using webmail the quoting and wrapping get screwed up quite easily. I was looking for a simple way to rewrap, unwrap, increase…

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  • iCal – Exchange Time Zone Fix

    As any Mac user who deals with Microsoft Exchange invites will tell you Exchange screws up the time zone information. What this means is that you will likely miss your meetings. Not a good thing. Justin Hartman has recently given you his solution to this problem. I haven’t tested it but in looking at it…

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