Apple USB Ethernet Adapter – solution

Peter Sichel of [Sustainable Softworks][1] is a genius. Seriously. He’s not only just updated his [USB to Ethernet Adapters for Mac OS X][2] to work with the recently released Apple-branded USB Ethernet adapter, but he sent me a comment letting me know. I’ve just installed the `USBAx8817x 1.0.3b10` release and it seems to be working. … Read more

Running SpamAssassin locally

While I haven’t yet gotten an iPhone I’m making preparations. I realized that I was going to need to do something about email spam so that I could use an email address on my domain with the iPhone. My problem is that since I don’t run my mail server I’ve got no way to pull … Read more

Fixing MySQL and phpMyAdmin

There seems to be a problem with how current versions of OS X store the mysql socket and how [phpMyAdmin][1] looks for it. It seems currently the socket is stored at `/tmp/mysql.sock` but phpMyAdmin is looking for it at `/var/mysql/mysql.sock`. The result is a connection error type #2002. After a lot of Googling here’s the … Read more