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  • WordCamp LAX 2015

    I’ll have to spiff this up a bit later, but here are my slides from my talk @WordCampLAX 2015. And you can watch me on @WordPressTV

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  • GitHub Updater & GitLab

    GitLab Support I’ve finally been able to add support for GitLab in the GitHub Updater v4.5.0. Additionally, support for GitLab CE and GitLab Enterprise are also included. All that’s required is an additional header with the base URI for the GitLab server. As an example, GitLab CE: https://gitlab.example.com or GitLab Enterprise: https://gitlab.example.com. Extras for GitHub…

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  • Smash API Rate Limit & More

    So GitHub Updater just received a couple of new features in version 4.3.0. At the suggestion of @mlteal, there is now a setting to add a personal GitHub Access Token. You must at least select public_repos. What this does is blast away the limit of 60 API calls per hour and raises it to 5000…

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  • GitHub Updater and Error Messages

    GitHub Updater now gives some feedback when the API responds with an error. What I’ve done is capture the HTTP error code and add that to an admin_head hook. I’ve also included some data if the error is the result of banging against GitHub API’s rate limit for unauthenticated accesses. Error Codes As these are…

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  • GitHub Updater Logo

    So just a couple of weeks later and I now have a logo for GitHub Updater. I worked with Mark at @LogoMajestic and I must say after a few initial concepts from LogoMajestic I sent them a quick sketch of my concept and they nailed it in the first go round. From Concept To Result…

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  • Looking for a Logo

    So here I am being a sponsor for @WordCampSD. I received an email asking for a logo. Oops. I don’t really have one. I was asked for a company name and the only company I belong to is Desert Trauma Surgeons. I’m not a partner so I can’t really use their logo. That’s when I…

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