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Setting up WebDAV Share in Mac OS X Server


As I attempt to transition from a laptop to an iPad, with no specific reason other than the iPad is sooooo kewl; I need to create my own online storage. Yes I have a Dropbox account, but I don’t control Dropbox.
Here’s what I did, YMMV.

  1. From Server Admin, make new Web > Realm and set appropriate ACLs.
  2. Create a folder in location/volume where data for Share is physically located.
  3. Change permissions of folder to _www:admin (that’s what works for me)
  4. Create a symlink to the share folder in the folder where your web server looks to for the domain’s data.

I know there’s probably a bit of information missing and if I showed images of the actual steps it might make things a bit clearer but I’m a little paranoid about my server and I don’t want to risk opening it up to further attack.
All this needs to be done before OS X will allow a "Connect to Server..." and mount your WebDAV share.


5 responses to “Setting up WebDAV Share in Mac OS X Server”

  1. Manos Avatar

    This looks awesome, and I’m looking to do the same exact thing. The problem is that I can’t get the share out of my /Library/WebServer/Documents/

    Is there something I’m missing? How do i make symlinks? Thanks for the post!

  2. Andy Fragen Avatar
    Andy Fragen

    @Manos, here’s what your missing. Put you WebDAV data on any folder attached or accessible to your server locally, perhaps a mounted USB hard drive. This is step 2 above. Change the folder permissions as outlined from the CLI with chown.

    The syntax creating a symlink is

    sudo ln -s /path/to/data /Library/WebServer/Documents/site_web_folder

  3. pitaara Avatar

    please can you explain how to Change permissions of folder to _www:admin

  4. Andy Fragen Avatar
    Andy Fragen

    @pitaara, from the Terminal sudo chown -R _www:admin /path/to/folder

  5. Lee Thompson Avatar

    Thanks, your post verified my own similar PITA debug session. Only thing I can add is I verified your solution by turning on mod_rewrite debugging.

    Put these two lines in http_webdavsharing.conf so you see why you need the symbolic link. Basically, Apples mod_rewrite rules don’t point to the configured location of the share point and the symbolic link gets around Apples bug.

    RewriteLog "/var/log/apache2/apache_rewrite_log"
    RewriteLogLevel 9