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Subscribing to Delegated Calendars


OK, I’m fortunate or crazy enough to run my own server using Apple’s OS X Leopard Server software. It has been, at times, very simple and very complex to set everything up. One of the options that I use is the iCal Server so that I can have shared calendars. Once I got it up and running with all the permissions worked out it’s been terrific. By terrific I mean that I haven’t had to do a single thing to keep it up and running.
Here’s the problem. My wife and I both have iPhone’s. I’d like to see one of her calendar’s on my iPhone and I want here to see one of mine on her iPhone. On our respective computers these calendars show up in iCal as _Delegates_. That’s how there’re suppose to show up. The problem is that only local calendars and subscribed calendars are listed in iTunes for syncing to the iPhone.
After a bit of googling, the [answer appeared in the Apple Discussions Board][1]. If I do a get info on the _Delegate_ calendar and copy the CalDAV URL I can then subscribe to this URL, the calendar will show up in my _Subscriptions_ list. I can then sync it to the iPhone. It is perhaps the simplest workaround that I’ve found. Your user must log out and log back in for iTunes to see the newly subscribed calendar.
However, it’s still a [kludge][] and I await the day Apple fixes iTunes to allow for syncing any viewable calendar iCal to your iPhone.
[1]: http://discussions.apple.com/message.jspa?messageID=6690635#6690635
[kludge]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kludge