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Webmail Authentication


OK, my problem with my webmail and my [Thunderbird][1] user are fixed. Here’s what happened. When I was setting up my server install with the AppleCare rep on the phone he said to check CRAM-MD5 and Plain for authentication. This inside of Server Admin.
It turns out that the default authentication method for SquirrelMail is login so out of the box it needs to be checked. I think, though I cannot confirm, that it might also be the default authentication method for Thunderbird.
You can change the preferences in SquirrelMail using the following command.
> sudo /usr/share/squirrelmail/config/conf.pl
[1]: http://www.mozilla.com/thunderbird/


2 responses to “Webmail Authentication”

  1. Randy Haines Avatar

    Hello Andy,

    I hope that you may have an answer to this question, I came across your site while trying to figure this out. I have a website hosted by hostbaby.com and it uses squirrelmail as the e-mail client.

    While hostbaby.com has been a fantastic company to work with the only thing that I still actually need them for is the e-mail. I am hoping to switch over to a non-paid wordpress site and I am wondering if it would be possible to continue to use my squirrel mail in conjunction with that.

    Any information or advice that you may have would be greatly appreciated.



    1. Andy Fragen Avatar
      Andy Fragen

      @Randy – squirrelmail and WordPress really don’t have anything to do with each other. It seems that squirrelmail is the web-based IMAP client that hostbaby uses. Nothing about self-hosting a WordPress site should interfere with that. Both should coexist without any problems.