The Events Calendar Category Colors Plugin

It’s been a wild couple of days figuring this one out. Special thanks to Jonah West for all the help and encouragement. This plugin seeks to greatly simplify the ability to create background colors for your categories in the month view when using The Events Calendar plugin. It requires The Events Calendar v2.0.5 or greater.
TEC Category Colors uses the Tribe Setting API to integrate its settings into TEC’s settings page.
You can grab it from the WordPress Repository.

3 thoughts on “The Events Calendar Category Colors Plugin”

  1. Hi Andy, I really really really appreciate this plugin! Exactly what is required to make the calendar elegant and much more readable for our audience.

    I just updated it to 1.4.3 and my entire calendar turned the color of the first event, which happened to be red. So rather than a white calendar with different color events, I had a red calendar with different colored events. And the “upcoming” widget suddenly had all solid event colors rather than just the titles. So I went from using background colors to using border colors. Makes the problem less obvious, although I still have a solid red line up the left side of my calendar.

    Any way I can roll back to 1.4.1? I’d really appreciate that until this gets sorted out.

    Thanks! Tom

    • Tom, check your page template. You have article defined with class cat_radiation. You’ll have to remove that from your template to get rid of the styling there. I like the rounded corners.

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