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WordPress Automatic Updates


I think I finally have the automatic updates feature of WordPress working. Previously, when asked for my login info for the FTP connection I would get some vague connection error. It’s a permissions issue. Some permissions for files/folders need to be set for web server user, in my case Apache2, or _www on OS X Server.
The answer mostly comes from looking for why WordPress asks for connection information. Be sure to read the comments. Definitely add the following to wp-config.php.

define('FS_METHOD', 'direct');

So far, my solution seems to be something like the following, from the wordpress directory.

sudo chown -R _www ./wp-content*
sudo chown _www ./wp-admin/update*

It seems to work, however, the information about what should be happening with the update seems to be in an endless loop. I let it run for a bit and when I check to see if the plugin or theme is updated it seems to have the newer version, but I’ve no real way to check or to know how long to let the process run.
Very confusing.
When I encounter more updates I’ll see if this really does work. BTW, updated to WordPress 3.0 for all the new goodness.
This works fine for plugins and themes but not for the actual WP updates. Also, I just let it run until the browser doesn’t seem to be loading the page any longer and the updates are done. Something’s clearly not working as expected with this and OS X Server but I don’t know what it is.
Update 2
Thanks epor for the missing piece.


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  1. Andy Avatar

    Well, the above seems to work fine for theme and plugins updates. Unfortunately it fails miserably for updating WordPress to next version. I hate to have to pay for a solution but I’m getting closer.

  2. Andy Fragen Avatar
    Andy Fragen

    Using the information above in Update 2 I can now use automatic updates for everything in WordPress, themes, plugins, and WP updates. I’ve written a script that unfortunately is a bit too specific for my setup that will set the permissions depending upon what I need to do. After the updates, I just set everything back. If anyone’s interested let me know and I’ll post the script in a neutered fashion.